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AutoBlog Canada | April 18, 2014

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Ford Finishes 2010 As Canada’s Top Automaker

Ford Finishes 2010 As Canada’s Top Automaker
Geoff bradley
  • On 4.1.11

2010 was a banner year for Ford Canada and the end-of-year sales data only confirms what we have known for some time. Ford Canada’s rise to top of the sales mountain in this country is complete, a journey that took over 50 years. It would be wrong to point to any one area and say that it was the catalyst because 2010 was truly a company-wide success story for Ford Canada.

Car sales were up 20% and truck sales were up 19% from 2009. The Ford F-Series continues its 45-year reign as the best-selling truck in Canada, but added one more moniker to its impressive run of success as well. Ford F-Series broke the single-year Canadian vehicle sales record in 2010 to become the best selling vehicle in Canadian history. The Canadian-assembled Lincoln MKX had an impressive 2010 with a sales increase of 44%. Ford Mustang sales also spiked 77%.

As we look ahead in 2011 it will be interesting to see how the all-new redesigned 2011 Ford Explorer can impact Ford Canada’s sales equation.

“Sales titles are nice to have but we remain focused on building long-term, sustainable, profitable growth,” said David Mondragon, president and CEO, Ford of Canada. “We expect the Canadian market to grow moderately this year, by about 2 per cent. Ford is well-positioned to build on its sales success by offering a balanced product portfolio of cars, CUVs, SUVs and trucks. … With fuel prices rising at the pump, history shows consumers will begin migrating from trucks to cars in 2011 .. With our strong focus on fuel-efficient cars, Ford can take advantage of this shift in buying behaviour. Canadian consumers can find world-class quality, leading technology as well as best-in-class fuel economy at their local Ford dealership.”

Manufacturer: Ford Canada

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