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AutoBlog Canada | April 19, 2014

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Apple Maps Navigation Getting Poor Reviews

Apple Maps Navigation Getting Poor Reviews
Geoff bradley
  • On 24.9.12

While Apple’s latest iPhone incarnation is flying off the store shelves here in Canada at a record pace, not everyone is singing Apple’s praises these days. As part of an ongoing competition with Google, Apple opted to forgo Google Maps in favour of a native Apple Maps app in the newest version of their mobile operating system. However, if recent reviews are any indication, this change is not a welcome one for drivers who may rely on these Map apps for driving directions.

“Almost unusably bad. Maps takes all the trust Apple has built up among its users over the years — trust that its products just work — and squanders nearly all of it in one go.”

Bottom line: think twice before you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 6. Once you upgrade, Google Maps is gone and there is no timetable for when it may return. Be forewarned.

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